Tuesday, 8 April 2008

First post

Some people have asked me over the years why I didn't have a blog. My response have been that with all the blogs out there, I didn't believe that anybody would bother to read my blogposts. - Too much competition.

Another issue has been that  I didn't want to commit to writing regularly. At certain periods I will be busy with other things to do, be away on a long holiday, or have lost interest.

Feed aggregation and semantic blogging has changed all that.

Nowadays a good blog have a lot of comments on interesting published articles, websites, music, video and other blogposts. A reference is both a vote and a help for others to find interesting content. 

It's also more about having a conversation, a debate, - communication.

I found myself leaving comments on peoples blogsposts quite often, and found that the whole blogging concept is built around links as references, pointers and votes. The links are weaving the blogs together and add a lot of context. The blogging world have actually implemented two-way linking with backlinks, which I think is is one of the important features missing from the earlier web.

So this is it, I'll have a go, - hope you'll enjoy!


Lars Marius Garshol said...

Great to see you blogging, Are! I know you have a lot to say, so I've wondered why you didn't do this before.

Markus said...

Hi Are, Congratulations for your first blog post! :)