Friday, 13 March 2009

A Vision for a Topic Maps World

Graham Moore is giving a presentation at Topic Maps Norway 2009 / Emnekart 2009 next week, which is not to be missed:

A Vision for a Topic Maps World

Graham Moore, NetworkedPlanet

Topic Maps has been successful in delivering value in the context of content management, intranets and web publishing. In these contexts it has provided value in terms of improved navigation and findability of content. However, the scope of these projects has been limited, and it could be argued that Topic Maps has simply created better managed, and more useful silos of content. This talk presents a vision and concept for enabling Topic Maps in a global context.

We describe how the fundamental concept of Topic Maps, the separation of identity from addressing, can be taken and utilised in a global scale. This vision includes how people, who have invested in Topic Maps in the small, can contribute and benefit from this step change in the scope of Topic Maps usage.

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